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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jingling 4.0.1 Cracked - Unlimited Links

About Jingling
Jingling is a powerful software, with using using this, you can get a lot of traffic within short periods of time. This tool will be perfect for anyone who running CPM based business so you can get a lot of money by just running this software. You can also selling traffic for your clients with this great software and getting some money from that. The ideas to using Jingling is unlimited, depend on what you need. If you are making money online then you must have this kind of software because you may will need this.

How It Works

It's very simple to use this software, you only need to run the software and add the links. Since it's Jingling unlimited version, you can add unlimited links, however my recommendation is to use maximum 100 links per software because it will make your computer heavy. It will be different if you are using VPS, you can add 100-200 links if you want.

Benefits of using Jingling Unlimited Version
With this software you can get 10 -20 Million view per day, try it by yourself :)
You can selling the traffic with this software
You can get a lot of traffic for your site or blog
You also can get a lot of money from Ads program which is based on CPM, making $100 per day won't be hard with that.

You can download this software from the link below. However to be honest you must fill surveys first, so with this, both of us will get a benefit from this software.. I hope you don't mind about that.

Download Link

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  1. Hi man, I finished 2 offer but the page for download still not unlocking.
    How to download the software?

    1. Sorry about that Peter, I already change the link..
      It will works now..

  2. Replies
    1. it's rar version. you can use winrar for that. :)

  3. Hello admin, it working great but how to close it from the background? It still running even when I close the software..

    1. Don't be anonymous lol. it very simple.
      just press ctrl + alt + del and terminate the jingling software from there.
      Good luck for you :)